Freshest and Finest Quality Trees

We are committed to growing only the finest Christmas trees by planting from only the best seed stock, hand graded to our exacting standards by our industry leading partner nursery.

Our pot grown trees are nurtured from seedlings and planted in their special growing pots in our fields. The specially designed pots have a hole pattern both on the bottom and around the sides, thus allowing the smaller roots to work through the pot and gain water and nourishment.

We measure each tree to exacting standards which means you have a tree measured not to the top of the leader but to 30cm above the last laterals on each tree.

Our Trees

Throughout the life of our trees our team takes pride in nourishing, pruning and shaping every tree as required. We will do as much or as little as is needed to produce only the finest Christmas trees.

Tree Grading

Premium – Grade A

Cream of the crop chosen by many high end retailers seeking the finest and fullest tree at a competitive price.

Classic – Grade B

An even tree, less dense than a premium tree.

Field Mix

Tailored to your requirements and price point.

Nordman Fir

(Abies nordmanniana)

Cut and Pot Grown

The Nordmann fir is best known for its needle holding longevity. Its foliage is glossy and richly blue green in colour. The needles are soft. Ideal for centrally heated rooms and for homes with children or pets.

Fraser Fir

(Abies fraser)

Citrus scented, more compact than the Nordmann and ideal for smaller spaces due to its slimmer conical shape. Good needle retention.

Noble Fir

(Abies procera)


A majestic tree, with excellent proportions for showing off larger decorations. Bluer foliage and slightly smaller needles than the Nordmann but with its fabulous needle-retention.

Norway Spruce

(Picea abies)

Cut and Pot Grown

The traditional Christmas tree, strong and sturdy with an excellent shape and a classic Christmas scent.  Small, sharp green needles with ability to withstand cold and damp. Not a needle-fast tree but watering daily will slow the needle drop.

Blue Spruce

(Picea pungens glauca)

Cut and Pot Grown

Classic shape best known for its beautiful colour which varies from steel blue through to silvery-green.

Blue Spruce is a symmetrical and attractive tree with dense branches. Not a needle-fast tree but watering daily will help reduce possible needle drop.