Additional Products & Services

We can supply our customers direct with not only Christmas trees but also a wide range of associated products and services

Additional Products

Funnels & Netters

Available in 25cm/34cm/45cm/55cm/65cm Galvanised Steel


We will calculate your netting requirement at the time of order and supply the correct amount of netting needed.

LZ and ST available in 25cm/34cm/45cm/55cm/65cm

Funnel Bands

Both hard and soft rubber available

in 25cm/34cm/45cm/55cm/65cm

Christmas Tree Stands

Krinner comfort and premium stands available in small, medium, large and Xlarge

Decorative Outer Pots

Available in 10 and 15 litres. An Ideal addition for your pot grown Christmas Trees.


Our natural Wreaths are all made with fresh foliage cut from our own plantations. They offer excellent value and can be tailored to your specific requirements with sizes ranging from 6 to 36 inches.

Natural Decorations

We offer seasonal natural decorations including mistletoe and holly. For more information, please call.

Please call for latest prices and deals on all our additional products

Retail with Infinity

Helping you to grow your business successfully

Whether you are either a first time retailer about to start out on your Christmas tree sales journey or an already established retailer looking to expand, our extensive knowledge and experience can guide you through the process of both setting up and running a prosperous retail sales outlet.

We can supply everything from marketing material to merchandise to either start up or increase your real Christmas tree sales. Why not let us come to your site to chat through the options to put you on the road to both a successful and profitable Christmas tree business?


Our specialist team has a wealth of expertise and experience in all aspects of Christmas tree handling, presentation and movement.

Here at Infinity Christmas Trees we create bespoke workshops and training courses to cover Health and Safety requirements when handling Christmas trees and training days on safe handling and use of manual netters.

Courses run throughout the year to suit our customers’ demands and schedules.